Thursday, August 5, 2010

We have finally met some people

Today there was a playdate for the girls kindergarten class at our local park. It's a really good idea as gives the children (and mums) a chance to meet all their future classmates. The girls as usual played by themselves but Jonah found a friend to play with and the mum has invited us over to play next week which is great.

Last night we cycled up to the local farmers market, it was really nice as went on to 7.30pm so Ben could come with me and help keep an eye on the kids. We came away with a huge box of strawberries which just about made it home as we had to put them in the trailer with Maxi. We also bought a huge jar of black cherry honey, which even I liked and I don't do honey and Ben bought some goat for our Saturday curry. I think we'll have to get there a bit earlier next week as all the good stuff goes quickly, I was told to buy Brazilian cheese bread!!!


  1. Great news that Jonah's found a friend!! Market sounds great. Tom is envious of goat curry and for me goat cheese. T&L

  2. Actually I did buy some goat cheese for myself, very nice on bread with tapenade.