Thursday, March 1, 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining....

I've been housebound for over a week now with my poorly boys, Jonah had something similar last week but didn't react as badly as Max.  So it means I've managed to get on with lots of sewing and trying out new things, I've even made my first buttonhole and put a zipper in which turns out is not as hard as it looks!!!

My first zip following this tutorial

Buttonholes using this kit

Pincushion from here

This turned into a pillow for Jonah from here

Jonah's blind

The girlies blind

Poor Max

He's been ill for the last week, finally took him to the Drs and he has an ear infection, fever, sore throat and a rash.  Actually this is a good picture as his face is covered in spots which have been weeping leaving a huge scab all over his nose and chin, poor little man.  He's looking much better today since taking the antibiotics, lets hope he's on the mend.