Monday, July 16, 2012

Busy sewing

I've also had the sewing bug so most of my time is spent at my machine.

Presents for the teachers

A bag for my sister

Patchwork table runner

Jonah's camping pillow

Camping pillows for the other three

Yikes it's July

I've been away for a long time, life just gets busy and then Jonah hogs the laptop so I hardly get a look in anymore.

The kids finished school 4 weeks ago and we've been keeping busy.  Jonah has so far done a music camp, a tennis camp and this week he is doing fencing.  The girls have done their usual ballet camp and this week are doing a 'show tunes and shuffles' camp, Maxi isn't so keen but I have made him do one this week so I can have a couple of hours off each day, it's hard work entertaining four kids for 12 hours a day!

Of course they've been having their usual swim lessons too, Jonah and the girls are real water babies and will spend all day in the pool jumping in and diving.   Max isn't so keen and refused to have lessons, maybe next year...

Here's a few pictures of the kids, I'll try and do a couple more posts before the end of the week when we head off on our road trip to Montana!

Jonah with his new braces, a very controversial topic but we've opted for the American way
of making space for new teeth opposed to the UK way of pulling teeth to make space, who knows!

Maxi on his last day of Pre K