Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day back at school.....

Everyone went back to school this morning and it went as well as expected!!!

Poor Olivia sobbed her heart out and couldn't be consoled at all so we had to leave her in the end, Madeleine was a little nervous but went in ok and Jonah of course was happy as Larry just to be back with his friends.  Maxi starts back at his speech group this afternoon and then pre-k starts on Monday for him which I think he's looking forward too.

Tuesdays are going to be busy for me though as the girls have ballet after school and Jonah has soccer practice so we will be running around all over the place!!!!

Camping again......

We enjoyed our first camping trip to Bend so much that we had to go again, there is so much to see and do down there that we've hardly scratched the surface and we are already planning next years visit....

I especially enjoyed the Volcanoes and the lava flow, there would've been some spectacular views of all the mountains from the top of the Butte but there were forest fires everywhere.

White River Falls

The largest Ponderosa Pine Tree in Oregon

The Deschutes

Lava Cast Forest

Lava Tubes

Lava Butte

My sister....

My sister Gemma came to stay with us for five days and we all had a lovely time.   It was quite lazy week  cycling around and eating ice-cream and frozen yogurt, a first for Gem.  We also headed down to the coast for a nights camping, unfortunately the weather was awful and we couldn't see a thing.......

Hopefully she'll come back again soon!!

Our second attempt at the BBQ as the first one went out!!!

Cape Lookout in the mist

Yay, we managed to get the tent up by ourselves....