Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines

Sorry it's a day late but Happy Valentines everyone.......

We wouldn't normally celebrate it at home but the kids really enjoyed writing out cards to all their class mates and then they all had a party at school.  Max's was very low key, he made a crown and had a biscuit but seemed to enjoy himself.

Madeleine and her box of cards
The girls party was a bit more elaborate and they had lots of fun games and made a little yogurt parfait each.  The kids also decorated a shoebox each so that valentines cards could be delivered and they all thought this was just the best thing ever.

Jonah's class party was a little more relaxed, they just had a drink and biscuit and then were quite happy reading all their cards and enjoying hanging out with each other.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

He likes it....

It seems that Maxi likes going to school, yesterday he asked if he was going to school and when I said yes his reply was 'yipee'.

Today I took both him and his little friend in the bike trailer, they looked so sweet squashed in together.  I told them they had to push me up the hill so they were trying not to laugh or smile when I took this picture.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to our favourite water falls

Ben had big plans for us to do a 4 mile hike yesterday but as Madeleine wasn't feeling too well he cut it down to 2 miles and we went back to Wakeena falls.  We love it here as reminds of the land that time forgot with it's high walls and massive boulders.  It can get a bit hair raising in places as the path is quite narrow with very steep drop offs but it wasn't so bad this time round.

Playing hide and seek

Olivia's hiding spot


You can just about see Ben on the high road

Mr Happy

and George came too.......

Olivia got to bring home Curious George from school last weekend and of course he had to come on a walk with us...

Olivia wanted to take a picture of me and George!!

Spring is on it's way

Some more snow pictures

I just found these on the camera from Jonah's snowboarding lesson.

Jonah on the ski lift

We were starting to worry on the way up that there would be no snow!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Exclusion notice.....

So the kids were served an exclusion notice yesterday which meant that if we didn't get our vaccinations up to date by next week they would be sent home.

I'd already made an appointment with the Dr so thought we may as well have them done at the same time as it costs me 80 bucks per visit!!!!!!

So Olivia goes first, just a few tears but she was very brave, next up was Maxi who I had to drag out from under the table, very upset but he was still brave.  In the meantime Jonah was screaming his head off and frightening the life out of everyone else, I'm surprised we weren't given our marching orders.  Next was poor old Madeleine who I also had to retrieve from underneath the table, unfortunately the nurse drew blood which is never good for Madeleine.  Then last of all was my big boy, and boy oh boy did he make a fuss....  We had to get another nurse in to help hold him down as he was screaming and kicking us all, I felt like kicking him myself, it was absolutely awful.  Finally we managed to jab him and then he said it wasn't all that bad - grrrhhhhh.

I've told Ben he's taking him next time and to top it off I have to go back in now to give them the correct insurance details.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentines Day.....

Yet another overblown American holiday!!!!

The kids have to make or send cards to everyone in their class, so that means we have to have 75 cards!!!!  As you can imagine I don't think we will be making all of those so it's off to the shops again for me.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.......

First day of school.....

Well Maxi survived his first day of school, all two hours of it.

I went in with him expecting huge tears when I left but he was happily playing with his friend in the 'Rainbow Rice' and looked up and smiled at me when I left.  I really wasn't expecting that but very pleased he was happy.  It gave me an hour to do some shopping alone and a fifteen minute cuppa in peace and quiet.

He was very happy when I picked him up and jumped up into my arms.  The teacher said he had fun, went to the toilet by himself but didn't quite know how to sit still for story time which is usual.  Max said he didn't want to go again but I'm sure he'll be happy to go back tomorrow.

Back to normal today with a trip to Trader Joes and Target!!