Monday, August 9, 2010

Local shopping....

This weekend was a local shopping event where you were given a passport and got a stamp for each store you visited. If you went to eight you got a small prize but if you managed fifteen you could enter the grand draw, think we only managed six before Olivia had a hissy fit. Anyhow it was a great idea as we got to see lots of new shops, there are countless numbers of antique/bric-a-brac stores, a couple of yoga/pilates studios and a great little toy shop that sold wooden toys, silk play scarves and felted toys. Obviously Maxi had to be dragged from the store kicking and screaming whilst the girls got to make a couple of fairy wands. There were also lots of street shows and we passed these two great bicycles but unfortunately didn't get to see their owners riding them.

We also managed to pick up a chest for our TV which looks great until you get up close. It does the job though and there's only so much Ikea furniture we can take.

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