Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sorry it's a bit dull at the moment....

I don't have anything exciting to report I'm afraid, the kids and I have settled in to a routine of going to the shop for lunch, coming home and then cycling up to the park for the afternoon. Hopefully once we get a car I will have some new and exciting stuff to write about.

We did try going to the swimming pool the other day but of course I have too many children for a safe adult to child ratio. Jonah was ok and I could see the manager was considering letting us in but Olivia and Maxi decided to start fighting so that soon made her mind up. I am trying to get them in for swimming lessons so hopefully they'll start next week and perhaps Maxi and me can splash around in the shallow end. As you can see it's a great little pool but only open for the summer.


  1. Hi all, Mrs Whiting told me I should take a peek at your blog and see what you've all been doing on your big adventure.
    I like the look of that lovely climbing frame and the park, much nicer than the city playground. Glad to see Jonah is practicing his model making, I bet the girls will soon make some fantastic artwork for your new home,
    love Mrs Ward

  2. What a lovely surprise to read you message Mrs Ward, you made the girls day xx