Saturday, August 28, 2010

More bikes.....

Today we went on a shopping trip for new bikes. Poor Maxi has been desperate for a bike as we left his balance bike at home with his little friend Bea. We thought we could pick one up second hand but they seem to be like gold dust over here, so today we finally bought him his very own bike. He is one happy little boy and rode it all the way to the shop and back, he's not quite back up to speed but I'm sure it won't take long.

Madeleine also got a new bike as the one Ben brought home is slightly too big. However I'm not sure what Ben and I were thinking as this one is even bigger - doh!!!! So now she has two bikes that are a bit too big for her but is very happy because she has a new one!!! I'm sure in six months time it will fit her just fine.

I treated myself to a new basket which looks very nice on my bike even if I do say so myself :) I am feeling slightly guilty though as when I got it home I noticed the bottom was broken, however before going back to the shop my bike fell over and bent it slightly. When I returned it to the shop I failed to mention my little accident and I feel a teeny bit bad, they probably think I broke it and I am trying it on by returning it. However Ben managed alleviated my guilt slightly by buying a set of $500 wheels from them.

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