Friday, August 6, 2010

Our first accident.......

.....but thankfully we didn't end up at the hospital. Madeleine fell off the top of this climbing frame and I think she fell through the gap of the red hoops, right at the top. Poor little love landed on her side but after 15 mins of crying and a cuddle she seemed ok. I had a bit of a panic though as I had no idea where to take her, no car and not even sure if our health insurance is up and running. Thankfully there were lots of lovely mums around and someone even offered to drive me up to the local clinic. Madeleine wanted to take a photo of the offending climbing frame.

Just a couple more photos of our local park, we seem to spend most days there. I have booked them all swimming lessons for the next couple of weeks, the pool is that building in the distance. I'm hoping at least Jonah will be swimming by the end of it and Maxi will also be having his first lessons.

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