Friday, July 2, 2010

This is my first post so probably going to be long, rambly and moaning but probably best here so you can all switch off when you've had enough.

We arrived in Portland 5 days ago after a very long day of travelling, have to say the kids were brilliant apart from when Maxi fell over and smashed his nose in Canadian customs. First night was spent in a hotel and we were very glad to leave the cramped space but now we are in a Townhouse down by the river. It's very nice but too nice for my brood and I think we will have lose a fair amount of our deposit. Will be glad to leave here and find ourselves a nice family home with a back garden.

The city is nice, very clean and a great public transport system. However I'm finding it very difficult to get out with all four kids. First day we go to a great water fountain but Olivia declares she needs a wee so I have to dress all four and try and find public loos. None to be found so I end up having to go to a coffee shop and then she decides she doesn't want to go. That's the end of our day out as I can't face going through all of that again.

So that brings me up to date so far


  1. There was a little bit in the Observer Mag this week about Portland, places to go
    Slappy Cakes 4246 SE Belmont St has cook your own pancakes at the table!! Memento at 3707 SE Hawthorne Boulevard for retro toys calendars and postcards hint hint! Pix Patisserie 3402 SE Division street for decadent desserts.

  2. we demand some photos! (please) :)

  3. Am looking forward to cleaning your empty house tomorrow!!
    Was thinking i could do a blog entitled 'What the davies's found after the Wrights had left!'
    Will be really wierd tommorrow without you there but i hope we do a good job!!