Friday, July 2, 2010


A little moan (you're going to see lots of these) about cars in America. Why do they need to be so BIG!!!! We are trying to find a 7/8 seater similar in size to a Touran but oh no, they have to make absolutely massive cars and then take out half the seats. I've seen what I think is a great size car for us and then you look inside and there's only 4 seats. Looks like we will need to be buying a bus just to fit us all in.


  1. Its fine because the car parks are similarly huge so its totally not like driving an enormous car in the UK. We had a toyota sienna on hire which I really liked.

  2. Altho of course your concerns may be more environmental in which case ignore me..

  3. We are looking at the Sienna :) Trouble is atm our garage is tiny so the hire car only just squeezed in, I guess once we get a house it won't be an issue.