Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On a bit of a downer today...

Ben thinks I should write about the good, bad and the ugly so unfortunately today is a bad day :(

I know I should be happier, we have the keys to our house but we don't have a car so I can't get over to there to set things up. Today I went to get a social security number which was fine but I'm constantly having to keep the kids in check as all they want to do is run riot. Then we find a fantastic yarn shop so I thought great I'll just nip in and grab myself a skein so I can attempt a lace shawl. But NO, the kids can't even give me that simple five minute pleasure, they had to touch everything and just wind each other up so I had to leave with my head hung in shame. Then another ride on the trolly back home, I'm so sick of doing this every day, thank goodness I only have three more days left of it.

On a brighter note we did have some rain today, well more of a drizzle but it was nice as cooled everything down.


  1. Aw Sash we know how you feel and we've got half the amount of 'trouble' you guys have to take shopping. Great news about the house though - really looking forward to the Virtual Skype tour =D

  2. Chin up Sasha. I Know it must be really hard. My thoughts are with you. Once you get into your new place and can make it your own (buying lots of new stuff :-)) things will be brighter. Sue