Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nothing to report today....

as Ben looked after the kids whilst I went to see Eclipse. I had a lovely afternoon with a few hours to myself and of course Edward, although I could be swaying towards team Jacob. I met Ben and the kids later in the mall where Ben managed to forget he'd left Jonah playing PvZ in the apple store, I think the shop staff were more concerned than Jonah.


  1. ive see eclipse 2!!!!
    its amazing and so is jacob aaaaaaaahhh!
    team jacob 4ever!!!!
    he is the best cos he has an 8 pack
    eclipse is the best one yet but im not looking forward 2 breaking dawn cos she should marry jake not edward!
    hav u read the short 2nd life of bree tanner?
    im hopefully going 2 c eclipse again this sunday 4 a birthday teat?
    its very miz and rainy here!!!
    im so excited cos the 2nd best book in the worlds sequel is copming out in 7 days!!!
    my advice 2 u sasha is 2 join team jacob!!!
    how are things over in portland?
    hav u been to the biggest book shop in the world yet?????

    tjala xxxxxxx

  2. Tjala you have cheered me up so much, thank you for leaving a comment. i think I am going to see Eclipse again but still swaying towards team Edward. What do you think of Jasper though, I think he's very cute too. I have the 2nd life book packed in my box that is being shipped over so will read it then. I'm now reading the Vampire Acadamy but haven't got in to it yet.

    Portland is very hot atm and you know how much I love the heat ;) We haven't been to the biggest book shop but have rode the trolly past it. It is massive and covers a whole block, we did go to the library though which was also massive.

    What is the 2nd best book in the world? And what is the 1st?

    Miss you all and have I missed yours and Noah's birthdays again.

    S xxxxx

  3. the absolute bestest book in the world is beautiful creatures by kami garcia and margharet stohl it is absolutely amazingly fantastically sweet
    annd the 2nd best book is shiver by maggie stiefvater which is also good
    jasper is quite cool but i like his book character more
    i like alice, shes great
    although i hear she nearly got sacked for asking 4 2 much money 4 breaking dawn!
    What do you think of the new victoria???
    reading vampire diaries at the moment which is quite good
    ive got £30.00 book vouchers to spend, 2 moree days til i c eclipse again!

    i NEED to cum and c u and the book store, id have died goin past it and not actually inside!

    u shld definately read beautiful creatures!

    hav fun in portland and find a house so that we can cum and c u soon!

    much love from tjal xxxxxxxx