Tuesday, July 6, 2010

House hunting....

I hate looking for houses, so far I think we've seen 6 houses but there is something not quite right each time.

First one was filthy, I think I've stayed in cleaner backpackers but it was a good size and in a great location.

Second one a fabulous craftsman cottage but way out of our budget.

Third one is too close to the freeway and a strange layout.

Fourth one, fantastic house but too far out for me and I'd have to drive everywhere.

Fifth one, looks great but only through the windows as the landlady won't answer the phone.

Sixth one, great house but is overlooked by a tower block and has a radiomast on the roof. Plus we think they are asking too much.

Seeing another one today which looks great and overlooks a park but there's always a catch........

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