Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bus training.....

Sorry for the lack of posts this weeks, I've been out and about with Wendy showing another South African family the neighbourhoods.

Jonah and the girls came home last night and told me they did bus training.   Jonah's training was very comprehensive and he was shown the following:

* how to take the drivers foot off the accelerator if he has a heart attack or passes out
* how to then put the gears in neutral
* how to put on the handbrake and switch the bus off
* how to put out the stop sign
* how to use the radio to call for help
* where the first aid kit was
* where the bodily fluid kit was!!!!
* how to get out of the bus and identify which route they're on
* where all the emergency exits are

Thankfully the girls were only shown how to get off the bus in an emergency as I think they would've been to afraid to get back on again :)

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  1. Brilliant - we're with the girls!! G-lou and G-pa