Friday, September 17, 2010

We are all exhausted......

We've just completed our first week of school and to say we're exhausted it a bit of an understatement. Ben says it's because I don't get enough exercise, nothing to do with the fact I get up at 6.30am and cycle 20 mins each way to school and back, twice!!! Poor Maxi can barely keep his eyes open and yesterday he was asleep in the trailer by the time we got home.

The kids have a busy schedule, Jonah has Scouts on Monday night, football training Wednesday and the girls ballet on a Friday. The girls really enjoyed their ballet class even though it was a bit of a trauma to get them to stay. As per usual they clung to my legs and refused to join in, Maxi and I had to sit in for 5 minutes and even then they followed us out. I explained that I didn't need them to do ballet and it was entirely up to them if they stayed or not, guess what they went back in!!!!!

I've now got a list of after school clubs so no doubt they'll want to do something off the list. Maxi and I still aren't organised and I don't have any booked for him, although we did go to story time at the library which was good.

Thank goodness it's the weekend and we can have a lie in, well apart from Ben who has to take Jonah to a football game at 9am.

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