Friday, September 24, 2010


I've not had much success with my baking as they don't seem to have self-raising flour or caster sugar over here.  I was then told not to try to recreate my English recipes and things are starting to improve (slightly).  This is my attempt at cupcakes but just need to get used to the 'Powdered' sugar which is finer than our 'Icing Sugar'.  The frosting was a bit of a disaster but will just have to make another batch....

Maxi didn't seem to mind too much though and managed to polish off two!!!!


  1. have you gone to Bob's Red Mill? i'm a terrible baker, but it seems like a heaven of a store for those who know how to bake! they have every kind of thing you'd need. i think.

  2. No not been yet but I've seen it. I'm a terrible baker too so not sure the right ingredients will help me :)