Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This weekend we went to the Portland Saturday Market.  I guess you could compare it to Camden Market but much more child friendly.  The kids had a great time wondering around all the stalls and the girls have their eye on some tutus already.

There was lots of great food to sample but the kids insisted on having hot dogs and icecream.  Ben and I had a lovely Indian Thali between us and the most delicious chai tea.  We then had some African food and an 'Elephant Ear' which is basically a flat doughnut covered in a ton of sugar and cinnamon.  It was very tasty and the kids said they all want one each next time!!!!

There were the usual kind of street acts and Jonah spent hours watching the metal guy, who stood still until someone gave him some money and they he did a kind of juggling act with these floating glass balls.  You can just about see Jonah lying around in the background, this is definitely somewhere we will be going back to as we had a really nice morning.

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