Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Kids.........

Yesterday we drove out to a pumpkin farm in Hood River town.

As you can see the kids were very excited to see all the fields of pumpkins and Jonah of course had to be in charge of the trolley.

My little Pumpkin Patch girls....

Jonah found the biggest pumpkin ever and made Madeleine save it for him whilst he dragged his trolley around the field.  We decided it was a bit too big though and as you can imagine he wasn't impressed when we wouldn't help him load it on the cart.

Of course Maxi had to have his own trolley and insisted on pushing it the whole way round.

Then they went in the maize maze which was actually more of a maize path.   They couldn't get lost as there was only one path through the whole thing and the picture is so blurry because they were running too fast for me to catch up.

Our pumpkin haul.....

We only went in for one pumpkin each but the kids were having so much fun we ended up with a few more than anticipated.

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