Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boy Scouts

Jonah has now joined his local Boy Scout group and he is in the Wolf Den.

I think he looks very smart in his new uniform, even though it is taking me an age to sew on all the badges and he hasn't even earn't any yet!!!

The Boys Scouts are a little different to our Scouts at home, they have one big 'Pack' meeting a month and then they are split into 'Dens' where they will meet once or twice a month too.  However they do lots of other activities at the weekends, this week Jonah can go to Cub World where he can try his hand at archery and then on Sunday they are meeting in our local park to collect acorns.

He's also been doing popcorn sales to raise money for the Boy Scouts.  We were a bit reluctant to go out with Jonah selling very expensive popcorn but we have been amazed by everyones generosity and Jonah has really enjoyed his fundraising.

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