Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ta dah!!

I finished the girls quilts this week and they look really cute.  My only regret is that I didn't make them bigger but I didn't realise at the time how easy they would be.  My sewing is by no means perfect and the squares don't quite line up but that is the beauty of the rag quilt.

I also made Max a little bag for carrying his cars around, I'm really pleased how well it turned out and I even managed to put a little pocket on the inside for him.  Just need to make one for Jonah and the girls now.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Sasha. Really lovely! What's next?

    1. I have some lovely fabric to make the girls a couple of totes and then I want to make them a bag each for their roller skates. This fabric buying business can become addictive Ali, I've found a place called fabric depot, about the same size as a large supermarket.

  2. They are gorgeous, love the fabric for the bag as well xx