Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My first attempt at quilting

I'll keep updating this post for anyone interested to see how it turns out!!

So I'm following this pattern which looks pretty easy (I hope), so far I have cut everything out and sewn about half the blocks together.  I used some of the girls old clothes as they have such pretty stuff.

The blocks I have sewn together so far

Madeleine will have the red and Olivia the pink

I still have all these to put together

Next stage will be sewing all the blocks together.

So it's now Friday 20th and I have finally sewn all the blocks together.

A pile for each quilt

I then laid them all out into an order I liked and now I just have to stitch all of them together....

I've sewn all of Olivia's together and half of Madeleine's so almost there, just need to snip all the edges and then wash and dry them both.

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