Friday, December 17, 2010

Last day of school

Hurray thank goodness for that, I think we're all well and truly sick of getting up at 6am each morning to get ready for a 7.30am start.  We've got a few things planned for next week, Jonah is going on a great holiday camp called 'Ninjas save Santa' I think he's really going to enjoy it, apparently they have to save Santa from the Evil Dr Dice.  I've made lots of playdates for the girls and they are really excited to be spending time with their new friends but still missing home :(

We're going to check out Peacock Lane this week which is a street where all the houses are decorated with LOTS of lights.

I'm hoping tonight we can check out the Christmas Ship Parade but the yellow submarine caught on fire last night so hopefully it will still be on.

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