Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Morning madness as they rip open presents from Nanny and Grandad, who you can see in the background on the laptop.

We then dragged them out for our traditional Christmas day walk, as you can imagine they look forward to it every year.  Of course we had to stop halfway for one of our cakes!!!  The girls cheered up though when we came across a dead rabbit, cue lots of questions like 'are you sure it's dead' 'why are his eyes open' 'can he still see us or does he see black'.   I think the dead rabbit was almost as exciting as Santa coming :)

Our Christmas dinner which turned out ok I think, we managed to make pigs in blankets by splitting breakfast sausages in two.  Maxi loved them and it was the only thing he ate all day, oh apart from a ton of chocolate.

The kids enjoying a glass of sparkling apple cider which shouldn't be mistaken for English cider as it's non alcoholic.

Maxi sharing his dinner with us!!

Olivia's new friend, a life sized Tangled

The boys

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