Thursday, June 30, 2011

A year already!!!

I cannot believe that we have been here a year, the time has just flown by.  I'm glad we said we would stay for three as I don't think we would be ready to leave in a years time, too much to see and do still!!!

Lots has happened in the last month, the girls graduated from kindergarden and we started our three month summer holiday a few weeks ago.  My aunt and uncle have been out for a visit and we had lots of fun camping on the coast, even in the rain!!  We were very sad to see them go, especially Jonah as he loves having extra adults around the house.  Summer camps kicked off this week and Jonah is in a UK Soccer Camp this week, the girls a ballet camp and then they all have swimming lessons in the afternoon.  Max is having his swimming lessons by himself, a bit hit and miss and he will only go in by himself if we go to the pool for playtime beforehand.  The weather is a bit hit and miss and Olivia had to abandon her lessons yesterday as she was turning blue in the pool, will make sure she puts her wetsuit on beforehand.

We also went on our first proper camping trip last week and it turned out well, especially now I have my own blow up mattress.......  We have decided we need to go for at least two nights though as setting up for one night is just not worth the hassel.

Lots more planned for the next month so I'll keep you updated, although nanny and grandad arrive tomorrow so I may not have much time.

Will post some pictures soon

Bye for now :)

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  1. Congratulations on your first year in the states! I love reading your blog - you're always doing such interesting things. It's also lovely to see how the kids are growing up. Keep on blogging!
    Love, Ali x (PS thanks for your recent email.)