Monday, January 17, 2011

Where does the time go????

I have totally lost track of time and thought it was only about the 10th January, quite shocked when I realised it was the 17th.

Today is Martin Luther King day so the kids are off school for the day.  Unfortunately Jonah's was sick last night, although seems remarkably perky today and now Madeleine is complaining of a tummy ache, can't see us doing much today.

I'm am downloading the camera as I type, so that's 120 odd photos to bore you all with, I have a lot of catching to do.  I'm switching the girls ballet class this week as by Friday we're all exhausted (especially me) and ballet is starting to become a form of torture for me.  Hopefully switching to the Wednesday class won't make it such a chore, although the girls really don't want to switch but they will be 'Little Belles' in the spring show so that's a good incentive.

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