Monday, January 24, 2011


Jonah had his first snowboarding lesson on Saturday and absolutely loved it, there were huge tears when it was time to come off the mountain.

I was very impressed with his efforts as made it down three times on his own, although he does need to learn to control his temper and I think he had to be rescued from the woods at one stage.

Ben and Piet also had a lesson too and it was really good value so we must take advantage of this whilst we're here.  Where at home could you get to the mountains in an hour, have a lesson, snowboard all day and all for £30!!!!

The girls, me and Maxi spent the day on the tubes but unfortunately no pulley system this time.  Thankfully Wendy and Hayley were with me and they did lots 'most' of the pulling tubes up the hill.  It's the girls turn for ski lessons next and Wendy and I will take them this time.

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