Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's that time of year again

Halloween is just around the corner and the kids (well and me) are getting ready for it.  We've decided that Halloween will now run from October 1st until after Thanksgiving. Well you've got to get your monies worth out of the decorations.

Jonah has asked for a fog machine but I think that may be going slightly overboard.  Max and the girls have decorated the front window with a hundred and one stickers and I made this 'spooky' Halloween table runner following this great tutorial from Diary of a Quilter.

The kids are still deciding what they would like to dress up as for Halloween.  Madeleine thinks she'd like to be a black cat, Olivia an orange one and Max a red one but this morning there was talk of ghosts!!  I think we should dress up as a family of Superheroes with me being Wonder Woman of course.

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