Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Sorry for the vanishing act over the last three months, life has been busy and I didn't think I had much to blog about but Ben has told me to get back to it!!!!  I'm back now so I'll just start with the current stuff.....

Stockings are hung in anticpaton of Santa!!
Thank you to everyone who sent cards, we really appreciate hearing from home, especially this time of year.

Our homemade garland

This years advent calendar, pinched from Lucy at Attic24

We went to Crafty Wonderland last week and the girls chose these cute reindeers for themselves.
( I really like them so may buy some more next year to creat a whole scene)

And last but not least our 8ft tree!!!
Max chose it and Ben dragged it home :)  It's so perfect it almost looks artificial but we are all in love with it and think it's our best tree ever, would hate to think how much one of these would cost back home.  I was slightly worried about the lack of decorations but the kids have made up for it with their homemade ones.

We have Nanny and Grandad staying with us for Chrismas so the kids are estatic and Grandad is happy now he's worked out how to download Emmerdale :)  We've done the usual round of things, Christmas lights at the race track, rollerskating which I actually had a go at this time and Madeleine is becoming quite the skater (wonder what Santa is bringing her this year). 

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